Holidays and Festivals


Makha Bucha: February 25 - A day in which 1250 disciples unite without warning and listen to Buddha teaches some important people in the sermon. The Thais go to the temple very early in the morning, attend ceremonies, and at night they walk temple with candles on their hands three times around the temple.


Chakri Day : April 6 - The foundation of the Chakri Dynasty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is celebrated and is the ninth king (Rama IX).

Songran : April 13th - 15th - Traditional festival of the new year and is the most important festival of the year. All are sprayed by water as a gesture of purification and brings good luck for a new year. 

Visakha Puja (sixth lunar month on which night is full moon) - The birth, illumination and death of the Buddha is celebrated. 

Asalha Puja (eighth lunar month on which night is full moon) - It is celebrated to remember the first sermon of the Buddha.

Khao Phansa (July) - The beginning of the Buddhist Rain Retreat is celebrated. 

Ok Phansa (October) - The end of the Buddhist Rain Retreat is celebrated.


Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday : December 5th - The birthday is celebrated for the father and the king pìu loved by all the Thais, this day is also Father's Day. The whole of Thailand is covered in yellow on this special day, as the King was born on Monday, the day of the week to which he is associated yellow. The Thais wear a yellow shirt all of Monday of the year, or whenever they want to show their love and respect for the king.


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